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Wellbeing Diary Dates

World Mental Health Day 10th Oct 2019

Anti-Bullying Week 11th- 15th Nov 2019

Odd Socks Day Tuesday 12th Nov 2019



Useful contacts- 



NSPCC helpline-


Health advice for children including feelings and anxiety-



Advice for parents: 

Nottinghamshire confidential parentline-

https://www.nottinghamshirehealthcare.nhs. uk/parentline

Parents' helpline from Young Minds-



Anti-bullying advice:





Cyberbullying advice- 

CEOP Thinkuknow-


Keeping children safe online-



Wellbeing and Mental Health Blog 2019 - 2020

September 2019

Wellbeing Warriors

September saw the appointment of  6 Year 6 pupils as our new Wellbeing Warriors - mental health champions who will be the pupil voice of wellbeing and anti-bullying in school. Well done to Joseph, Nayema, Eva, Kiki, Harrison and Amy. They have been working hard to support The Retreat Room, our indoor, wellbeing lunch club, and have been thinking of ways to support wellbeing initiatives in school. Well done too to all the children who applied to be Wellbeing Warriors- it was a  tricky job to select them. The high number of applications bears testament to what a fabulous bunch of caring children we have at The GSA! 


The Retreat Room

Started last academic year, The Retreat Room continues to offer an indoor space for a mix of children from F2 to Year 6 on a Friday lunch time. Aiming to provide a retreat from the playground, it proves a very popular option and improves the wellbeing of children who may prefer a smaller space or time to chat or a more relaxing atmosphere. 



October 2019 

World Mental Health Day

For the first time, we took part in World Mental Health Day to shine a light on the importance of wellbeing and mental health within school. Each class, focused on mental health in their weekly Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) lesson.


Hello Yellow- to mark World Mental Health Day, we joined the national campaign to add a splash of yellow to our uniforms, in support for the Young Minds charity. The school looked very cheerful indeed and it certainly achieved it's aim to get the children talking about their feelings. 



Feelings check-in

We took the opportunity of World Mental Health Day, to launch our feelings check-in charts in every class. Each pupil now has the chance to move an anonymous peg each day to let us know how they're doing. They may be feeling fabulous but they may request a check-in - a chat with their teacher, if they are not feeling great. #ItsOkNotToBeOk #BritainGetTalking


Compliments all-round on World Mental Health Day


Anti-bullying Week 2019

We are busy preparing for Anti-Bullying Week which will take place, this year, on the 11th-15th November. The theme this year, Change Starts With Us, allows us to think about our own responsibility to anti-bullying. Watch this video from the Anti-Bullying Alliance to find out what children have to say about stopping bullying, making changes and how it all starts with us, the individual... 



Look at these top anti-bullying tips for children-

 Odd Socks Day 

We will be, once again, taking part in Odd Socks Day which this year, is on Tuesday 12th November. Grab some odd socks and let your oddness shine! A time to encourage all children to be themselves and to embrace their oddness and what makes them unique. #madeinhisimageandlikeness #alldifferentallequal #changestartswithus


Anti-Bullying Competition Time - 

What? Anti-bullying competition. F2 and KS1- an anti-bullying poster competition; KS2- an anti-bullying poetry competition. General anti-bullying or based on the theme Change Starts With Us. On A4 paper. 

When? Deadline 8th November. Winners will be announced in Anti-Bullying Week. 

Winning entries should have a powerful anti-bullying message and be eye-catching and illustrated as the winners' work will be on display. Make sure your name and class are on the back. 


Staying Safe Online

With Anti-Bullying Week not too far away, let's look again at internet safety. Last November, we had a visit from the NSPCC and the O2 who work in partnership to keep children safe online. They delivered a parent workshop which had the greatest attendance in the region. This is good news as they only visit schools every 2-3 years. Their website, Netaware gives up-to-date advice on all social networking, apps and games so check it out for the latest advice about the apps that your child may be using. 

Do you talk to your children enough about how you keep them safe online? Watch this short video clip below...


November 2019

Watch Andy and the Odd Socks' video, Change, made especially for Anti-Bullying Week 2019. 


Odd Socks Day- 12th November 2019

A great day for Odd Socks 2019. We definitely rocked our socks and let our oddness shine brightly at The Good Shepherd! Well done to all... and always be proud of who you are!



Pupil Questionnaire - Wednesday 13th November

Today, as part of Anti-Bullying Week, we launched the new Pupil Questionnaire. The children were very keen to complete the questionnaire and share their views about their lessons, health and wellbeing, the range of activities in school, their enjoyment of lesson, their progress and anti-bullying amongst other important issues. We look forward to completing the survey and viewing the results. Well done for your enthusiasm children and your dedication to Pupil Voice because as we've been learning, change starts with us!


Anti- Bullying Week messages

We have been reminding the children about the importance of always standing up for others and how we can do this. 

Anti-Bullying lessons

The children have been learning all about Anti-Bullying in their PSHE lessons this week and have had a range of thought-provoking lessons.  



Anti-Bullying competition winners 

Wellbeing Warriors Joseph and Nayema judged the anti-bullying poster and poem competition, very diligently, discussing each entry before choosing 5 winners. Well done to all of the children who took part. Your poem will  be soon on the new anti-bullying display outside the office.